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June 15, 2019

Apply Free Pell Grants Online For College Education-FAFSA Financial Aid

Apply Free Pell Grants Online For College Education-FAFSA Financial Aid For Low Income College Students Mobile Application Get Free Money

Education is a means that gives one freedom from misery and hope for overall development. And the Federal Education Department in the US ensures this for ages. They assure every eligible student of financial aid to further their education in colleges. The ED disburses different types of federal college education grants for needy and eligible students via the FAFSA. Hence, it assures you of getting any type of financial aid, including grants, loans, work-study and even parental loans under FAFSA.

Apply for FAFSA

If you think you are eligible then you must apply for financial aid college pell grants online to pursue your higher studies at a college. you can prepare for the form for the current academic year 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. While applying for FAFSA, the federal grant program promises to give you access to state and school-funded financial aid, comprising college grants, state-funded grants, and tuition assistance.

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As of now, the filling up procedure for FAFSA for the current academic year is due from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. Simultaneously, the 2019-2020 form is launching on October 1st. Hence, if you are determined to find financial aid for college education, you can apply for FAFSA on their official website on However, the filling up process from your desktop appears to be quite messy and sometimes ends up in discontinuation of your form filling. To improve user experiences and ensure easy access to every needy student, the FAFSA is launching its mobile app. The ED wants to make the service available to everyone from the next month itself.

Let us see how this mobile app is going to help you fill your FAFSA without much hassle; as it did for years on websites on the desktop.

Mobile-Friendly App For FAFSA Application

The ED has been determined to launch this mobile friendly website of FAFSA in order to reduce confusion and complications regarding form filling processes. Simultaneously, the FAFSA techniques have been quite complex, both for the students and their parents to discern its various stages of the navigation process. Meanwhile, the interventions of different vendors to process FAFSA raise discrepancies among the applicants, and also mislead financial aid due to higher loan default rates.

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This iOS and Android compliant mobile app of the FAFSA is objectified to eliminate such hassles and make the process quite smooth for everyone. Therefore, the process of form filling is quite easy for everyone to enhance customer service.

Bringing the whole experience into a palm is a way of spreading this facility to a more number of needy students without any hassle.

When The App Be Available?

The new FAFSA app known to be the myStudentAid app is available for the current academic year 2018-2019. But, since the app is not properly compliant with the I.R.S data tool, you should not try it as of now. Better yet, you must try FAFSA’s official website for error-proof form filling in compliance with the I.R.S tool. In this way, there will be no delay in receiving the information regarding your application. Upon completion of the application successfully, you will be notified as a complimentary remark such as ‘You’ve completed a milestone.’

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The ready-to-use mobile app will be available from October 1, and you need a valid user ID and password like the website to log in and have access to this app for the application procedure.

The NCAN is in charge of tracking its development process; hence you can find useful tips regarding various tools and key points to use the app on its website.

Be remembered, with FAFSA being available via its app does not ensure you get the financial aid sooner. To be eligible for this federal grant, you need to be careful while filling out the form to increase your chances amid tough competition. So, never leave your form incomplete and do it as soon as the form is available.

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